Video: Video: Bride surprises her drummer husband. His facial expressions are the best

I received an Instagram message on Christmas Eve from a newly married guy named @joshwavarab. His wife, Maria, surprised him with a drum performance to Carol Of The Bells, @augustburnsred rendition. She did not know anything about drumming and secretly took lessons early 2019 after her and Josh got engaged. Ok, here’s the background. Josh and his brother Blake are both drummers and his first concert was our show in South Bend in 2008. Tragically, later that same year Josh’s brother passed away unexpectedly. I remember meeting Josh not long after and him giving me a picture of his brother that I still have on my drumming wall to this day. His brother was an avid fan, a good friend, and a great individual. Maria knew the importance of drumming and the unbreakable bond between Josh and his brother and so she set out to play drums as to bring a piece of Blake to life on her wedding day, all to Josh’s surprise. Music has a power that’s impossible to quantify. On the biggest day of her life @mariaacpair brought Blake back by playing drums and it brought the entire wedding party to their feet and her husband to his knees. Merry Christmas and Happy New Years and I hope the story of Josh and Maria causes you also to see the life that’s possible after death, the joy that’s never stronger than after tragedy, and the thought that there had never been a more bad ass wedding than this one haha
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Bride surprises her drummer husband. His facial expressions are the best